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We are serving you with pleasure in the field of aesthetic medical tourism with the most advanced and high technology techniques to make your dreams come true. Each and every procedure of us is designed for enhance your life quality. For the best experience possible, we work with the top doctors the most comfortable hospitals in field. We can arrange a five star hotel as accommodation and assist you throughout the process. We guarantee that you will receive a stress-free and satisfactory experience for an affordable price.


Sezer Marketing, which has been serving in the fields of Aesthetic Surgery and Hair Transplantation from the past, continues to add value to your life with its quality.

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Hair Transplant

All men and women with thinning hair or hair loss can benefit from PRP Hair treatment. PRP Hair treatment is repeated every 2 to 3 months for one year. If the patient requires a more intensive treatment, PRP can be combined with hair mesotherapy. However, it should be noted that there needs to be at least 15 days between the two treatments.

Scalp hair can be transplanted to areas where the hair is absent or thin. It is important to utilize hair from the nape. As in regular hair transplant, it is essential to carefully determine the direction of the follicles. An important detail in this context is the natural curvy structure of beard hair and the change of moustache direction towards the midline. The angle of the hair is 5-10 degrees, as in eyebrows.

This treatment method is mostly preferred by women and aims to achieve the desired eyebrow volume and thickness. Eyebrow transplantation can successfully correct thinning eyebrows that have been losing volume. The main difference of this procedure from regular hair transplant is that the scalp hair has an angle of 45 degrees, whereas the eyebrows come out at a 10 to 15-degree angle. The direction of the incisions is crucial in eyebrow transplants, which need to follow the naturally arching shape of the eyebrow. Imperfect incisions can lead to eyebrows that grow out in an awkward direction. This operation must be performed by a physician.

Cosmetic Surgery

Facelift surgery consists of incisions on specific spots of the aging skin, pulling and stretching this skin upwards from the sides of the face, and suturing it to its new location. As with any surgery, face lifts have key considerations. One of the most important issues is preserving the facial nerve, which is responsible for the movement of face muscles. This nerve branches into thinner nerves in both sides of the face.Face lift cannot stop the aging. However, this procedure can ‘turn the clock back’ and rejuvenate the face. The aging clock can be turned back but will continue to work. Some patients require a second surgery after 7-15 years, while most patients do not require a second facelift.Cosmetic procedures usually aim to restore a more youthful appearance by correcting the signs of aging, such as removing excess fat, stretching muscles, and stretching the skin of the face and neck.It is possible to combine facelifts with other surgical interventions, such as forehead lift, or cosmetic eyelid or nose surgeries.It is not advisable to combine cosmetic nose and eyelid surgeries as eyelids are likely to swell after nose jobs, which can cause ruptures in the sutures.

The skin loses elasticity with age, and starts to sag. This can impact eyelids in the form of drooping, color changes and wrinkles. The operation aims to correct such complaints.
Eyelid aesthetics can be performed when:
the eyelid has wrinkles and sags,
a patient has crow’s feet,
there are color changes and bags under eyes,
the eyelids start to droop,
the face has a tired expression.

Protruding ears are a common problem that is not as a disease but disturbs individuals due to their appearance. Developments in medicine make it possible to easily fix this issue.
What Are Protruding Ears and What Are Its Causes?
Ears become prominent when the antihelical fold is underdeveloped or absent, or if the cartilage tissue is too soft. It can affect one or both ears. This condition can easily be repaired through cosmetic surgery

The shape and size of breasts impact women’s social lives. We can divide cosmetic breast operations into three categories: augmentations, reductions and lifts. Breast augmentation is the most common procedure for body contouring to obtain an aesthetic body shape. Breast reduction is applied to extremely large breasts that may cause bad posture or pain. Breast lift operation is recommended for patients with deformed breasts caused by pregnancy and breastfeeding.

There are three different methods for liposuction.

  • Tumescent liposuction (fluid injection): This is the most commonly used method, where a medicated solution is injected to the fat tissue before the suction process. Subsequently, the excessive fat cells are suctioned with small tubes inserted from incisions on the skin.
  • Laser-Assisted Liposuction: The solid fat tissue is turned into liquid using laser beams. Small tubes are used to drain this fat tissue from millimetric incisions.
  • Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction: Small cannula are extended inside the fat tissue and vibrated. This will loosen the fat, which can then be drained.

The nose is the most remarkable organ contributing to the beauty of the face. A nose that is compatible with a face will be enough to make a person feel good. Rhinoplasty is most commonly used for the treatment of various medical problems, but can be preferred for cosmetic reasons as well.

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